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The Temple ..... Sophie Bashford

The Temple - Sophie Bashford
Change is in the air....and release could be on the way

The second of the 'twin Merkabah' planetary alignments occurs this Sunday 25th/Monday 26th August. This is a rare Star of David formation that gives rise to a Divine Stargate Portal, through which new Light Codes and High Vibrations are given from the Universe.

We have already seen unprecedented planetary and spiritual activity from the end of July (when the first Merkabah alignment occurred) onwards, including a very powerful Stargate Portal known as The Lion's Gate and a Blue Moon.

Many Lightworkers and Sensitives have been feeling the pulses of energy very strongly. 'Ascension' symptoms have been very high, with disturbed sleep patterns appearing to be a prominent element for many.

Added to this 'energy upgrade' intensity, we've also been receiving activations related to the Twin Flame Reunion, which can cause a potent stirring of the Kundalini in preparation for reconnection between these 'Same Souls'.

There is no doubt that your vibration will have undergone significant changes during this past month. You may be already feeling that many aspects of your life don't fit you any longer, and you would be right. This energy shift has been like a huge surge forward and upward for you, and the result will be that as we pass this weekend, you'll notice elements that are no longer vibrating with you dropping away or simply just ceasing to exist.
You are being carried by a Divine Hand into the perfect circumstances, relationships, work situations and locations that align with your Holy Function on this planet. Some of you may need to take action to effect these changes (and you will be given instructions via your Inner Guidance, so pay attention); however, for many Lightworkers, these shifts will occur naturally and miraculously without any direct intervention.

It's been a rollercoaster ride, and yet release and calm are on the way to you. The second 'Merkabah' Portal (25/26th August) is akin energetically to a huge dam bursting and finally being able to release it's waters. The effect of this 'water' is not uprooting though: it's calming, releasing, refreshing and re-balancing.

It is likely that this final shift will bring considerable psychic, emotional and physical relief. Your energy should begin to calm down as your Chakras integrate the high-frequencies. You may find that you need to rest a lot more during next week as you recover from the massive spiritual downloads your whole system has absorbed.

Whatever has been going on with you, and in whichever ways you have been feeling this energy, know that it is all an integral part of Spirit's Plan for you. You've agreed on a High Level to be part of these Divine Shifts and therefore you are more than capable of handling them.

The entire Universe wishes to congratulate you on your passage through this cycle, and asks that you surrender all need to control how things unfold from hereon in. Just let go and observe how elements start to fall into place (or enter your life) in graceful and Divinely elegant ways, and know that everything that happens now is designed to support your much-needed healing function on Earth.
the hermit

Thank you Mia

So we slip into another time of change
We will see what it has to bring us personally
For no two people will take the same thing from such a shift

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